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Creating an atmosphere that is different from all like tournaments sends out a strong message. The red, blue, yellow, and white colors that make up our company logo is reflected on everything from our huge outdoor tents to banners, sideline benches, wind flags, and trucks and trailers.Competitors know upon arrival that it’s best to bring your A Game !

MISSION statement

SPORTS X INC. is committed to planning, hosting and developing cutting edge sports tournaments and competitions. Our staff and management are relentless in using our expertise,experience, and innovative ideas to host top shelf events.While traditional ideology will always be the platform to build on, we at SPORTS X INC thrive on constantly raising the bar and exceeding the expectations of teams as well as individuals competing in our events.

  • Competition drives us to perform at a higher level
  • Competition teaches us to bring our best effort
  • Competition teaches us to take risks
  • Competition helps us with goal setting
  • Competition teaches us to play by rules
  • Competition helps us to learn to win and lose with grace
  • Competition is fun
  • Competition gives us another community
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